Volunteer Information

Volunteers Working As a Team

As a Camp Emerge volunteer you will have the opportunity to work with campers of varying ages and special needs. Although you will not be the primary caregiver, your role as a volunteer is to be a support to the campers and their families.

In some cases, an important goal may be to try to give the primary caregivers – usually the parents – a respite. Let the autistic child get used to you. Build a level of comfort. And for the two days of camp, work to help give the parents “a break”

In others cases, the family may need this weekend as a valuable time to bond with each other. Help the parents and children enjoy on another. Always remember that the objective is to have fun!

During the camp there may be activities that require you to lead or help organize a group activity. There will also be times that you spend one-on-one with campers individually and as a group.

Some things to Keep in Mind

  • Patience is essential.
  • Fun is contagious
  • Recognize success
  • Show approval of a job well done
  • Encourage participation
  • Use positive suggestions

For more information contact Tami Williams at 784-3631 or twilliams@csiu.org

Reservation forms can be sent to 11 Hunt Club Dr. Bloomsburg, PA 17815